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Career at HDA Energy

Our Human Resources Policy

HDA Energy adopts the principle of providing equal opportunities to people in equal conditions in the recruitment policy

Employees are treated fairly in all rights. Orientation and training policies are created to increase employees’ knowledge, skills and personal development and adapt to their task areas in HDA Energy.

The main objective of our selection and placement system is high level of education, open to innovation and change, entrepreneurial ability, dynamic, has the potential to develop himself and his business, to train employees, to gain people who can do teamwork, adopt company values and have.

HDA Energy Career

Work Adaptation Program

The main principle in selecting and placing is equal opportunity to people who have the competencies required by the work (knowledge, skills, behavior) and adopt company values without any distinction and privilege is to give.

Following recruitment, Job Adaptation Programs are organized for our newly joined friends to adapt to work and adapt to the company culture.

Within this program, the beginner employee is asked to monitor and guide the development of the company by making a general introduction to the company’s top managers in the unit.

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Employee Development

It is believed that the development of employees at HDA Energy can be achieved with continuous learning and awareness, and primarily to create an environment where everyone can learn, try and develop targeted.

The development of the person himself and his work, creating value, is considered the main responsibility of the employee. Management should provide and guide everyone with the necessary facilities in order to keep employees fully informed within their fields of expertise and to improve themselves and their business using this knowledge has adopted it as a responsibility.

Educational development activities are associated with the company’s strategic objectives and priorities as well as in all human resources applications. The current and future organization manual and individual requirements are taken into account, the requirements of the managerial and professional development of employees are determined in this direction.

Educational programs are differentiated in terms of content and scope and presentation methods, according to corporate goals and priorities and personal requirements, and are presented for the need

HDA Energy Career
Our Open Positions and General Jobs


To make a general application to HDA Energy, you can send your CV with your photo attached to our e-mail address info@hdaenerji.com.tr

You can apply for open positions through our Kariyer.net and Linkedin accounts from the links below.