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HDA ENERJİ, in cooperation with the Friendcom brand, which has proven itself in the world market in terms of its quality and function in the field of close & long distance data communication and IoT applications, which are a part of Smart City applications, offers communication component solutions to other related fields, especially the meter sector.


  • WMB14UE-868 Wireless M-Bus module that can provide S,T,C operating modes immediately ready for use when plugged into the PCB board
  • WMB14UE-868 Wireless M-Bus USB-adapter solution that can reach 800m communication distance with its special antenna
  • WS868-LW, which supports AT command set with UART, ADC, SPI, PWM, USB communication interface structures and provides low power consumption
  • LoRaWAN module GW300-868 LoRaWAN Gateway with 8 channels, supporting PoE and external DC power supply forms


M-Bus (Meter-Bus) is a communication protocol used for smart meters, remote reading systems and other energy measuring devices. The M-Bus Module, on the other hand, is a hardware module used to receive and manage the data of measurement devices that support this protocol.

The M-Bus Module allows the consolidation of meters and other measuring devices, the collection, storage and transmission of data. These modules allow monitoring and analysis of data by connecting to a computer network. M-Bus Modules are used in many areas such as industrial automation, building automation, energy management and remote monitoring systems.

LoRaWAN is a wireless networking protocol used by long-range, low-power devices. LoRaWAN Module is a hardware module used to collect and manage data of devices that support this protocol.

LoRaWAN Module can transmit data wirelessly using low power consumption LoRa technology. These modules are used in many areas such as industrial automation, building automation, smart cities, agriculture, logistics and other IoT applications.

LoRaWAN Modules perform data collection, management and storage functions in LoRa networks. These modules enable efficient operation of IoT devices by providing low power consumption, long range and high data capacity.

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