Privacy And Security

1.General Terms:

Your use of this Site means that you have read and accept the Privacy Terms and Rules. If you believe that you cannot fulfil the obligations set out in the Privacy Terms, do not access or use this Site. A special set of additional terms and conditions may apply to the use of, or interaction with, certain locations on the Site.

2.Follow-up / Amendment of Privacy and Security Conditions:

The site owner (HDA ENERJİ) has the right to make changes to the privacy and security conditions or to impose additional conditions at any time without prior notice. Changes made to be aware of the nature of the information collected during use, how it is used, in which cases this information is shared with others and all necessary confidentiality conditions will be presented on this page. Since changes may occur, it is necessary to regularly follow and read the conditions written here. Any use of this Site and its services after any such change shall constitute acceptance of the changes to the privacy terms.

3.User Information:
The user is responsible for all kinds of materials / information (including all kinds of articles, articles, documents, opinions and thoughts transmitted) entered as a user, placed on the Site or services such as volunteering or donation, transmitted or sent through this Site if found. Users are deemed to have accepted and guaranteed that any information transmitted / sent to the Site is reliable, accurate, does not violate the rights of third parties, and is not contrary to the law. HDA Energy reserves the right, if necessary, to completely or partially remove or block access to the content placed on the Site and believed to cause any damage or burden to users. HDA ENERJİ reserves the right to pre-screen, examine, draw attention to, change, refuse or remove any user or the content / information contained in the content of the Site. (However, it has no obligation in this direction).

4.Personal Information:
During the visit of the site, making use of any service such as donation or volunteering; name, surname, age, gender, profession, working and educational status information, place of residence, IP information, e-mail address, telephone number, etc. personal information is / may be given to the site. This information is not open to anyone other than HDA ENERJİ.

The owner of the Site may classify and store the information provided by the user in databases in accordance with the relevant privacy notices only for the purposes of collection (for example, announcement of donor names, etc.) or for user security and some statistical evaluations regarding certain services, and may use it in accordance with the Site and service purposes. The user is deemed to have accepted that he / she has disclosed this information, taking into account that the personal information he / she has given / disclosed / saved can be used partially or completely in accordance with the Site and service purposes.

Personal information is not distributed, sold or traded under any circumstances.

Sensitive Information: The owner of the site does not request any sensitive information from the users in any way and absolutely; such as racial and ethnic identity, political opinions, religious and other similar beliefs, physical or mental health and characteristics, unless required by law. HDA Energy has no responsibility for the fact that this information has been provided and recorded.

5.Open System:
Users know and accept that the internet environment is not a reliable environment, communication on the internet is risky, personal information, passwords, etc. all kinds of information may be the addressee of unlawful acts of third parties. HDA ENERJİ does not give any guarantee regarding security and malicious acts.

6.Violation of Confidentiality and Security Conditions:
HDA ENERJİ reserves the right (although not obligatory) to suspend or terminate users’ access to the site and services without prior notice, with the right to reject, remove, delete information available in the system, whether or not the violation is fully realised, in case of non-compliance with the confidentiality conditions or an attempt to violate the rules. It also applies in case of indirect violation or attempted violation of the Terms and Conditions by a third party acting on behalf of the user.

7.Information and Contact:
For questions regarding the privacy and terms of use of the HDA Enerji website, you can get more information by writing to the contact form on the contact page.