''Those who dare to follow their dreams are the winners.''

Who is HDA?

HDA Energy CEO & FounderIt was 9th, February, it was Monday, 2009, and everything had changed. Now I knew, nothing would be like February 8th and days before. I no longer had a safe and comfort zone, I was unemployed… as if the universe was empty and me. I made a decision that day, I wouldn’t go the paths I went to this day, I was going to change my path, but where I was going, how to go, what I was going to go with… I was surrounded with these questions and with each one a new hole, a new cavity was forming but at the same time I was looking for opportunities and evaluating each one which was rising, it was like flying pigs, Electrical tape, wallpaper, bags, everyone had a suggestion of what to import and sell, … of course it was worth trying and I had nothing to lose, like a shot in the dark!

It was like mid-2009, I was desperate, I couldn’t even breathe and just when there was no more air, our paths intersected with Eve Battery. That’s the day that HDA’s journey to these days began. In those days, my goal was just to exist, live, breathe, but today my goal is to provide added value to my country, to improve society, to lead young people and provide prosperity as an entrepreneur…

About Us section is generally where companies talk about their today & future plans, and they use “We” and “Us” in it but since HDA’s story is a departure from me to us, I chose not to write with a corporate language. Actually, HDA was my story, but now we’re close to 20 people … and from here on “WE” begins.

This is why, I decided not to write a traditional “about us” here.

Our team is growing day by day , and our vision as a team is evolving and developing. Apart from supplying one specific product to our customers, we’re on the way to provide our customers with Tailor-made solutions based on their specific needs, we try to meticulously choose our partners whom their main focus is on customer satisfaction rather than only profitability and refresh themselves with technology. We adopt simplicity from complexity, open our doors to learning, proud of it and walk towards innovation.

In this century, where knowledge is power and economic and psychological wars are wreaking havoc in our cells, let knowledge, our oath of sincerity, our light to read, work, learn, renew, will be our weapon and guide to love.


‘’The future belongs to the dreamers not to the critics’’

Stay with love,


HDA Energy CEO Duygu Akdemirbey