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What are ER Batteries?

ER batteries are a type of primary battery that uses lithium thionyl chloride chemistry. Since it has high energy density and long shelf life, its usage area is very wide. It is widely used in industrial areas, especially in smart meters. There are many types according to their size and capacity. The ER (Li-SOCl₂) battery model to be used varies according to the projects and applications to be implemented.

What are the Uses of ER Batteries?

Due to the high energy density and long shelf life of ER Batteries;
  • Smart meters
  • Defense industry
  • Smart building technologies
  • Medical devices
  • Remote data logging systems
It is used in application areas such as. Er batteries areas of use

Smart Meters

Since these meters are highly sensitive, they require a power supply with high energy density. In smart electricity, water and gas meters, ER batteries provide the energy storage and power distribution capabilities necessary for the meter to operate.

Defense Industry

Providing reliable and long-lasting power in harsh environments and extreme cold-hot conditions is a must for the defense industry. ER batteries are used in many application areas such as GPS, night vision goggles, UAVs, downhole tools (LWD) in the defense industry.

Smart Building Technologies

In smart buildings that can be controlled remotely and have online access, it is possible to control almost everything with IoT technology. In these systems, ER batteries are widely used in in-building modules, GPS devices, lights and sensors, in-home monitoring tools due to their high shelf life.

Medical Devices

Since human life is at stake, the power sources in these devices are very important. ER batteries are widely used in implantable biomedical devices (pacemakers, defibrillators), blood glucose meters, infusion pumps.

Remote Data Recording Systems

In these systems, instantaneous power loss is a disadvantage in terms of interrupting the data flow. For this reason, long-lasting and high energy density ER batteries are widely used in data recording systems. There are many examples of these systems such as monitoring systems in smart meters, battery monitoring systems, GPS modules. ER (Li-SOCl₂) Battery does not require frequent replacement and maintenance due to its shelf life. Thus, it saves time and labor in application areas with difficult conditions (such as defense industry). ER batteries are one of the battery types that use lithium thionyl chloride chemistry and are in the primary battery area. Their usage areas are very wide as they have high energy density and shelf life. The most common areas of use are application areas such as smart meters and applications that require remote data monitoring. You can supply lithium batteries that you will use in your projects and applications with HDA Enerji, Turkey's leading battery supplier. You can contact us from our contact page to get detailed information from our expert team.

Frequently Asked Questions about ER Batteries

What are the advantages of ER batteries?

One of the biggest advantages of ER batteries is their long life. These batteries can provide years of use. They have a wide operating temperature range and high energy density.

Are ER batteries recyclable?

ER batteries are one of the batteries that are generally difficult to recycle. Therefore, used batteries must be disposed of properly.

In which industrial applications are ER batteries used?

ER batteries are used in areas such as remote monitoring, control systems, wireless sensor networks, security devices and industrial automation.